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Uralchem Headquarters / Environmental and Wayfinding
Escritórios Uralchem
2014 – Moscow, Russia

Client: Uralchem
Partner: Pedra Silva Arquitectos
Design Director: Nuno Gusmão
Designers: Mário Videira
Photos: FG+SG

Environmental graphic design project for the new Uralchem Headquarters in Moscow, Russia. We worked in close partnership with the architecture studio in order to define the atmosphere of the space, the signage system and the global visual language, having as a goal, a strong connection between the graphic design and the architecture project (using the circular shape as the key element). A rounded sans serif typeface was chosen (VAG Rounded Cyrillic) and a custom version of its numbers was designed, along with a custom pictogram family, in order to reinforce the "circular mood" of the graphic language.The signage discs, the custom graphics on the glass walls, and the graphic interventions on the dining rooms help to create a playful atmosphere for the main office of this leading ammonium nitrate producer.