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Santo António Museum / Global Design
Museu Santo António
2014 – Lisboa, Portugal

Client: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Team: P-06 Atelier + Site specific [Patrícia Marques e J.Paulo Costa]
Design Director: Nuno Gusmão
, Pedro Anjos
Designers: Joana Proserpio
Photo: FG+SG

This project is the result of a creative process in which architecture and design worked together to make a global renovation of this museum dedicated to the life and worship of Saint Anthony (Santo António), by restoring the old building, developing the exhibition design and also the environmental graphics. The exterior intervention was designed with the primary goal of reinforcing the visibility of the museum in order to announce it more effectively, and also to create a clear visual separation between the two buildings that shape the square (the church and the building where the entrance of the museum is located).Inside the museum, the main concern was to make a global intervention that is felt as something that stands out from the existing architecture (the dark grey enhances that idea), yet with an effective integration on the space's original geometry and volumes (due to the curve shapes of the newly built display structures). Throughout the museum, the display of pieces and paintings is exclusively made on these structures, that contain several lit niches combined with graphics directly printed on the surfaces (inspired on the idea of “shrine” that relates with this museum's theme). The global reading of these “reinvented shrines” on the space, gives a continuous exhibition flow that guides the visitor through the narrative sequence.