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Studio 08 / Set design
2013 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Client: Get Set for Abu Dhabi Media [Ad Sports]
Team: P-06 Atelier [Nuno Gusmão] + Giuseppe Greco
3D visualization: 18:25 Empreiteiros digitais
Prototyping and construction: Eurostand
Photos: FG+SG

This project is the result of a big effort, with big time constraints, of all the professionals involved, from the conception to the implementation.

Spatial and equipment design project for a football TV program, for Abu dhabi Media (AD SPORTS) channel.
The overall space is defined by two "parabolic" stipes/walls that intersect in the middle, like an "embracement" each one of them represents a team by its coulour, that changes accordingly to the game on discussion.
The construction system is made of steel structure covered with translucent plexiglass and led lightning behind. The studio comprises two set's for two programs, "KICK-OFF" and "GAME OVER", and a central videowall
for a standing up position.