ViaCrucis / Environmental and Editorial
ViaCrucis — A Paixão de Cristo / The Passion of Christ (Botero exhibition)
2012 – Galeria do Rei D. Luís I, Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, Lisboa, Portugal

Client: Embaixada da Colombia
Design director: Estela Estanislau, Pedro Anjos
Designers: Vanda Mota
Photos: Ricardo Gonçalves

Environmental and Communication project developed for the exhibition "Via Crucis - The Passion of Christ" by Botero. This exhibition has already been held in Colombia and in the United States so there was already a visual identity and graphic language to be respected. The client provided us 3 pictures of the most representative 
paintings of this exhibition, this was the starting point of the project. We made several graphic supports to promote the exhibition, such as invitations, flyers, post cards, posters, press ads and tv spots. The global idea was,
in each promotional support, to use the images with maximum impact, along with the necessary information 
(name of the exhibition, dates, location, schedules and sponsorship logos). We made the banner displays
outside Palácio da Ajuda (the venue of the exhibition) and inside in the exhibition shop. Inside the palace, we also designed the entrance graphics, the signage, the purple lighting environment and also the concave mirror for the educational services.