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MNHNC / Environmental, Wayfinding and Permanent Exhibition
Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência (Natural History and Science National Museum)
2012 – Lisboa, Portugal

Client: Universidade de Lisboa
Partners: Site Specific
Design director: Nuno Gusmão, Pedro Anjos
Designers: Joana Proserpio, Mário Videira, Vanda Mota, Giuseppe Greco
Photos: João Morgado

Communication project for the Natural History and Science National Museum in Lisbon. This project
consisted in the “reinvention” of the museum space, and also in the development of a signage system
and graphic communication to promote exhibitions and events. The exterior signage consists of two
three-dimensional outdoors in the façade, that are covered with images, suggesting the contents of the
museum at distance. In the entrance, there are smaller panels (adapted to the scale of the pedestrian)
that give more details about the museum. Inside the building, the main goal was to simplify the space
and improve it's perception by the visitors. This was accomplished by demolishing old obstacles,
recovering the spaces and reorganizing the artificial illumination, along with the implementation of a new
signage system. Painting the ceilings of the circulation corridors was a simple and cost effective way
to make them distinctive, along with the correct placement of cheap fluorescent lamps. The museum
shop was completely “reinvented”, both physically and graphically. The space above the museum foyer
(in the first floor) was also restructured and a new permanent exhibition about the history of the museum's
building was made. For the signage, hanging printed drop papers were applied throughout the corridors
(white for directional informations, black for the exhibitions' entrances). Also, some wall graphics indicate
the entrance of some spaces (like the bathrooms or the interior garden) and other warnings.