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Lisboa / Identity and Wayfinding
Lisboa Story Centre — Memórias da Cidade / Memories of the City
2012 – Terreiro do Paço, Lisboa, Portugal

Client: HCI - Construções, S. A.
Partners: ILM - Leading Sustainable Tourism
Design director: Pedro Anjos
Designers: Vanda Mota
Photos: Ricardo Gonçalves

Lisboa Story Centre its a new exhibition space in Lisbon that presents the history of the city like a journey through time, in a sensory and interactive experience, with historical recreations, videos and multimedia. We were invited to create and coordinate the communication design and wayfinding for the interior exhibition project (already developed by another office and already being implemented), in a project in which we had to work in partnership with different teams such as video, multimedia and sceneries. The communication needs included the creation
of the visual identity, the promotional campaign, chromatic study for the interiors, the scenery illustrations and wayfinding. The visual identity uses an institutional language with a contemporary and digital treatment. For the centre symbol we used the graphic representation of a black crow, as a reference to Lisbon's historical symbol
of two crows in a boat. A digital effect of dots decomposition was added to the graphic element representing the interactive/multimedia experience that the centre proposes. Different typefaces were selected to satisfy the different communication needs: institutional, digital or historical illustration inside the exhibition space. In the spaces outside the exhibition, the wayfinding is combined with big graphic illustrations (also with the effect
of dots decomposition) decorating the space with the identity theme.