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Rice Museum / Global Design
Museu Fábrica de Descasque do Arroz
2011 – Herdade da Comporta, Comporta, Portugal

Client: Herdade da Comporta
Design director: Nuno Gusmão
Designers: Joana Proserpio, Vanda Mota, Miguel Cochofel, Giuseppe Greco, Joana Gala
Photos: João Morgado

The new Rice Museum in Comporta celebrates this understated grain and brings to life the industrial process behind its making. Light plays a fundamental role in the installation, by dramatically staging the industrial archaeology behind the making of rice, and revealing the many stages of its processing. A black wall, always present along the 3 levels of the building, is the support for the communication and graphic explanation of all the process of the factory in it's different stages, along with the presence of former workers images. On the floor, painted texts explain each machine function with a sequential numbering following the rice path along the factory.