National competition | unrealized

Ecovia e Ciclovias do Litoral Sudoeste / Wayfinding and Communication
2011 – Alentejo, Portugal

Client: Polis Litoral Sudoeste
Partners: GLOBAL [Landscape Architects]
Design director: Nuno Gusmão, Pedro Anjos

The overall length of the group of bikeways existing in the Southwest of Portugal (approx. 269 km), needs
a simple, clear and readable system, and above all, one that can be visually integrated with the diversity of landscapes along the way.
The existing signage system, which dates back to 1949, is now completely obsolete, specially when it comes to security issues, due to the current circulation speed that requires a more effective signaling. Also, this old system exists in several roads mixed with newer systems more adapted to the current regulations which can be confusing sometimes.
The concept we proposed, is all about the “appropriation” of the 1949 signage system, combined with a more contemporary approach. This “appropriation” is done by using the same signaling elements, and preserving the same dimensions and shapes they have, yet all the graphics and color code are updated to give a new identity to this signs. New typography and pictograms are included, and the yellow is now used as the key color of this bikeway signage system (back in 1949, the yellow was only used in the national roads).
Within city limits, and also in “shared routes” along the way (cars and bikes in the same track), the signage we proposed were basically the official standard traffic signs used along with a bikeway identifier. This option was made to simplify the system in order to give a better reading and understanding of the signs (otherwise, there would be two different signage systems that could complicate the users' understanding).