ModaLisboa ‘34 / Environmental
ModaLisboa Check Point
2010 – Pátio da Galé, Lisboa, Portugal

Client: ModaLisboa | Lisboa Fashion Week
Design director: Nuno Gusmão, Pedro Anjos
Designers: Miguel Matos, Mário Videira
Photos: João Silveira Ramos, P-06

Environmental graphics design project for the Lisbon Fashion Week. The ephemeral intervention was held in one of the most important squares of Lisbon (Terreiro do Paço). The concept for the exterior intervention, was to have a huge transparent box that marked the entrance of the event. At night, which is the main period of the event, the arcs with white fabric turn into a living “theatre of shadows”, allowing to perceive the inner movements of people in the inside, along with the lighting effects of the entrance box “announcing” the event.
On the inside, the environmental and wayfinding solutions are adapted to the existing surfaces, since it was under restoration, the catwalk is the floor itself, the existing stone pavement, which was in really good conditions.