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SIGNATURE / Global Design
Arquitecto Ventura Terra 1866-1919
2008-2009 – Assembleia da República (Assembly of the Republic), Lisboa, Portugal

Client: Assembleia da República
Design director: Nuno Gusmão
Designers: Giuseppe Greco, Vera Sacchetti, Joana Proserpio, Miguel Matos, Clara Jana, Miguel Cochofel
Photos: Ricardo Gonçalves

Exhibition about the architect of the building of the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic. The exterior announcement, on the stairs, works as a “signature” of the author of the building. The aim was to re-use structures and displays already built for other exhibitions of the same client and designed by us.
The exhibition was held along different spaces of the building, lobby, stairs, etc, resulting in different kinds
of displays adapted to each space and content, including original drawings and paintings, photos, or objects.