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ModaLisboa ‘32 / Environmental and Editorial
ModaLisboa Heartcore
2009 – Cidadela, Cascais, Portugal

Client: ModaLisboa
Design director: Nuno Gusmão, Pedro Anjos
Designers: Joana Gala, Miguel Matos
Photos: Ricardo Gonçalves

To devellop an overall environmental and communication project for an event with realy low costs, was trully
a design challenge. The theme for this edition “heartcore” intended to reflect the international economical crisis,
but reinforcing personal values. We developed the environmental project, campaign with tv comercial, outdoors, etc, and al the printed material the concept was to do everything without the use of the technologies normally availiable, using only paper in the “construction” of the image associating a sensation of fragil and moneyless,
but full of meaning the process of “construction” of the image was registered in a stopmotion film used
as tv comercial.