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TAP — Théâtre et Auditorium Poitiers / Global Design
TAP — Teatro e Auditório de Poitiers
2006-2008 – Poitiers, France

Client: Mairie de Poitiers (Poitiers City Hall)
Partners: JLCG Arquitectos
Design director: Nuno Gusmão, Pedro Anjos
Designers: Vera Sacchetti, Miguel Cochofel, Giuseppe Greco, Ricardo Moura
Photos: FG+SG, P-06

The design approach started simultaneously with the wayfinding system and the chromatic study
of the building. The concept for the wayfinding system, started from the Dada movement. Words
and letters are freely arranged and partially expressed in an onomatopoeic way. The building is literally
a container for words and sounds.
The guidance system consists of oversized letters and numerals recognizable from a wider distance.
To announce the events of each season were developed the guidelines for the exterior video
projections in the glass “skin” of the building, like a deconstructed video screen with moving images.
An exterior signage system consisting of “totems” in the surroundings of the building, is the limit
of the design project.