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East Museum / Global Design
Museu do Oriente
2006-2008 – Lisboa, Portugal

Client: Fundação Oriente
Partners: JLCG Arquitectos
Design director: Nuno Gusmão, Estela Estanislau, Pedro Anjos
Designers: Giuseppe Greco, Vera Sacchetti, Joana Proserpio, Miguel Cochofel, Miguel Matos, Pedro Schreck, Clara Jana
Photos: João Silveira Ramos, FG+SG, Francisco Feio, Ricardo Gonçalves

Project in which we develloped not only the museum equipment and communication display, but also the wayfinding system and supports, the crhomatic study of the building, and all the communication products,
such as books, tickets, merchandising, etc, and the openning campaign.The impositive presence of huge pilars, and the small heigth of the ceeling in the exhibition rooms, made us choose to invade al surfaces with black, achieving the sensation of a theatrical scenary, in wich the actors are the objects. the communication project uses the glass surfaces as the support of writting, textures and colors that identify the asian countries represented, china/gold, macau/red, japan/silver, timor/green, india/orange, etc, witch simplify the visual decodification of the exhibition spaces.