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Assembly Friends / Identity and Illustration
Os Amigos da Assembleia

Client: Assembleia da República
Design director: Pedro Anjos, Nuno Gusmão
Photos: P-06

Simple and expressive illustrations, a “family” that represents elements of the building of the Assembly.
“Jubas” the lion, the litlle girl “Repulic”, mr “Archive”, ms “Constitution”, mr “Watch”, mr “Pigeon”, the group
of statues - ms “Law”, ms “Prudence”, ms “Strenght”, ms “Justice” and ms “Moderation”, and the ”Column”
group, that represent the stability. The main concern was to have illustrations simple in colours and shape
to allow printing in different kind of supports and with different technologies, offset, silk printing, transfer, etc.
The mascots are not only to be used in merchandising, but also in publications with pedagogical purposes,
books brocures, etc.